YeePHP is a framework designed for Web Developers in mind, without overwhelming your Apps or API Projects with overheads which reflect in the performance of your final products.

The Yee PHP framework was incepted by the need of a reliable Framework to build custom API projects on. After trying many PHP Frameworks on the OpenSource market we found that very few could meet our requirements and be customizable enough to completely fullfill the specifications we needed that time. 

Some Frameworks were to "heavy", some to "light" and some were just a collection of classes. But nothing that was 100% right just out of the box.
Yee Framework fills this gap and is very easy to work with once you understand the logic behind it. Check out the documentation, which will get you started in no time at all!

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YeePHP Framework

Yee PHP Framework is a tiny jump start Framework that keeps things simple, thus allowing you to quickly get your PHP App or API projects up and running.

Yee gives you, the developer, complete control over your projects by providing you with a complete Framework to handle most projects quickly, without the overhead of much larger frameworks such as Codeigniter or Symfony. 

Yee Core
Request / Response Handling Handles all resources used on a normal Web Project or API
Yee Managers
Manage Databases, Sessions a.o. Managers give you quick access to add on functionality without overweightening the core 
Yee Renderers
Default, PHP Renderer or 3rd Party It doesn't matter what you prefer, either use the default renderer or third party like Twig or Smarty
Hooks and Middleware
Flexible and extensible structure You can't expect more of a tiny and lightspeed fast framework. 

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