YeePHP was used in the below web sites and services is a Hotel Booking Engine. It's client facing front end is completely built upon YeePHP. is Fash gaming site. It's API is built on YeePHP, but we recently learnt that the complete website is now re-built based on our framework.
Play a Game is a Weather service, showing the weather in any given location in the world. You-Weather features a graphical interface that visualizes the weather.
Weather Service

XXL Cloud is a secure cloud storage service for home and enterprise customers. The client web interface as well an extensive API have been built ontop of a YeePHP wrapper.
Get Cloud Storage

Is it friday today is a fun website that answers "The" most asked question every employee starts asking from monday on...
Is it Friday today?

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The XXL Cloud Song

A jingle made by XXL Cloud employees
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